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There are two different ways to finish your wooden floor: 
  • a closed pore finish 
  • an open pore finish

A “closed pore finish” finishes the floor parts with a layer of lacquer, this closes off the wood and makes it very water-resistant. The advantage is that you can mop the floor while the wood will not absorb any dirt. The disadvantage is that after a few years the layer of lacquer will wear out and the floor will have to be re-polished and re-lacquered. And if  the floor is damaged locally, it can not or not easily be repeared. For maintenance we have soap for in the mop water and a product for maintenance so that you protect the lacquer.

An “open pore finish” finishes the floor with a layer of oil or wax. The advantage of this kind of finish is that you can easily maintain the floor yourself without having to re-polish and re-lacquer it. This advantage is also a disadvantage, because if you spill something on the floor and you leave it there for a couple of hours in can get into the wood. A floor that is finished with oil of wax can be mopped, but not too wet. Furthermore we have care products like soap for in the mop water and maintenance oil.

Another possibility is to leave the floor bare, without any lacquer, oil or wax. The wood will get a grey colour through normal daily use.

We can deliver the products to finish and maintain your floor.